The Conversation Podcast Episode 4 - My Opinion Is Correct - with Buckwild and Rasheed Chappell


This week Frank & S-Nice are joined by legendary music producer Buckwild and Incredible Hop-Hop artist Rasheed Chappell. Join the conversation as we speak about their new album "Sinners and Saints" (14:00), the current state of Hip-Hop (26:00), Buckwild creating "Stroy to Tell" from Notroious BIG (38:00), Impactful artists (58:00), DJs breaking records (2:10:30), Who has more pressure Drake or Kendrick (2:22:00), Nas vs Jay-Z (2:26:30) and more.

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Episode · 2 days ago

The Nice & Frank Podcast Episode 11 - You Can Sue For Anything

This week Nice & Frank speak aboout Texas (5:50), Dusty Baker (23:00), the police officers in the George Floyd case asking for case to be dismissed (43:00), Malcom & Marie (54:00), interview with Bruce Chamoff of the New York Podcast Network (1:14:20) and more.

Episode · 1 week ago

The Nice & Frank Podcast Episode 10 - 2 300 LB Chicks

Join Nice & Frank this week as they speak about the Britany Spears Doc(10:00), Chappell Show returning to Netflix (17:00), The Impeachment (21:00), new music 32:30) and more.  

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Garden State Hip-Hop Hour Episode 16 - Dj Jayhood

DJ Jayhood pulled up to The Garden State Hip Hop Hour with his cousin Jay P. We discussed his role in the Jersey Club movement & Booty Bounce Music. Getting a chance to learn from and work with Missy Elliott, his relationship with Fetty Wap. His latest single "Heartbroken Twenty Twenty" with Mike Zombie, we discussed Meek Mill, his chops being used in Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" single & more.

Episode · 2 weeks ago

The Nice & Frank Podcast Episode 9 - SuperStar Floss

In a special episode of The Nice & Frank Podcast they are joined by Passaic, New Jersey artist SuperStar Floss. Listen to this exclusive interview as they talk about, SF's music beginnings, his devlopment to where he is now, getting played on the raido, what he is working on now, and more.